Congratulations, you are expecting twins!

It’s always an exciting day on the Farm at New Forest Valais Blacknose when our vet visits to scan our pregnant Valais Blacknose Ewes. A number of our Ewes had be running with a stunning Valais Blacknose Ram over the late Spring and the markings on their backs indicated that nature had taken its course. Success rates can still vary, so we were delighted that the initial scans indicated we are expecting 16 Lambs – maybe more, some were too early to say – in October/November.  The scan above shows twins and you can clearly make out the backbone and ribs of one of them on the left.

The Valais Blacknose Ewes look in full bloom, their winter fleece is returning and their diet has been supplemented with high quality food, expectant mothers’ mineral licks and drenches, as well as an endless supply of Hay from a top local producer – which smells magnificent stacked in the barn – the Ewes cannot get enough of it! With our Valais in tip top condition we await lambing season with real excitement having set our Valais Blacknose Ewes up for a successful and healthy lambing season.

We have already had a number of these Valais- Blacknose Lambs-in-waiting reserved, with a few remaining so do talk to us if you are interested. We will also have a selection of superb quality lambs and ewes with Lamb(s) at foot for sale through the first half of 2017. As always, feel free to contact us to discuss all things Valais Blacknose, we will provide you with guidance and advice and help you select and get the best ownership experience possible of these special sheep.

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