I Shear Ewe!

It’s that time of year again and we’ve been busy shearing our Valais Blacknose sheep in anticipation of the warmer weather. Everything other than our lambs and the sheep we’re going to show at this year’s country shows is sheared and this time it takes a record three days to get through the entire flock!

Unlike almost all other breeds of sheep, the Valais Blacknose is unusual in that its exceptionally docile nature allows you to be able to shear the sheep standing up – where they just stand and let you complete the job. If you ever needed proof that they are an easy-going breed, then this is it!

Although the sheep look bare once they’re first sheared, we always admire their newly sleek appearance – you get to really see the individual sheep’s markings and appreciate their amazing Roman noses.

The sheep are clearly delighted to be free of their fleeces and can’t help but skip and jump about the field afterwards….. Although the days are long and tiring, this is a rewarding sight to end on…. 😊

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  • Christopher Speers

    Hi am looking to see what shears you use when shearing the Valais Blacknose a have a battery powered shears and it’s a nightmare to get through there wool

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