It's Lambing time!

We've had a busy few weeks lambing some of our Valais Blacknose ewes.  We have about another week left and so far we've had some really beautiful lambs born, the girls have done very well!  It's amazing how quickly the lambs grow and develop their cheeky, curious lamb characters.  They're already running and jumping around the field, terrorising their mothers within a week of being born!  

Most of the lambs will be off to their new homes in the coming weeks and months - it's always sad to see them go, but they have particularly lovely homes where they will be much-loved.

Here's Amy who gave birth to a lovely ewe lamb, Minnie, giving her a good clean up straight after birth:

If you're after some Valais Blacknose lambs of your own, we do urge customers to join our waiting list and reserve your own from an upcoming litter as we do tend to sell out even before they're born due to their overwhelming popularity.

We lamb throughout the year, thanks to the Valais Blacknose breed coming into season every month, so we're already looking forward to our next lambing season in February 2017.  Must say, we're also looking forward to a well deserved rest from the long hours associated with lambing in the meantime...!

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