When we look back over the showing season we are fiercely proud of the achievements from our three Valais Blacknose lambs we picked to show – Remus, Winnie and Maud collected multiple awards both individually and as a group.

The question and comments we were most frequently asked (well….apart from, what are they? Were they on Countryfile? Do you have any for sale? Can I take a photo?), was regarding their fleece. No surprises really, it is a defining feature of any longwool breed and the Valais Blacknose Sheep and strikingly beautiful to the eye of sheep novices and sheep veterans alike. Of course, it is a fleece perfectly suited to the conditions in the Valais region of Switzerland from where they originate.

Wool is a genuinely interesting topic – it’s categorised in a number of ways and whilst the following link covers native sheep breeds, it’s a beautifully thought out introduction to how fleeces are categorised http://www.britishwool.org.uk/british-sheep-breeds.php. I’m sure you can guess the section you would see a Valais Blacknose Sheep in!

Even HRH Prince Charles is involved, with the Campaign for Wool http://www.campaignforwool.org/ which have a fab social presence and worth a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It was not just potential owners and fans of Valais Blacknose Sheep, but spinners, felters and craft folk wanted to know what we do with their fleeces.

Well, we always look to use the Valais Blacknose fleece for our superb hand felted Valais Blacknose sheep and lambs – I just adore them and the time and care that goes into making these so realistic! It is a genuine art form as well as a labour of love.

We regularly have raw fleece available for sale in our Valais Blacknose Store and in 2017 we will be looking to produce Valais knitting wool for sale which we hope will provide the knitters of the world not only a top quality product but a fun back story to tell their friends, family and customers ‘this is made from Valais Blacknose Sheep wool, the world’s cutest sheep……’



    My friend has a (rug?) roughly 9’ ×12’ woven from Valais wool. It has a woven back, but the top has long wool strands like a fleece. Can anyone give us any info. about it? I have a photo if anyone contacts me.
    Thank you.

  • Ruth Shaw

    I’ve been a fan of the Valais Blacknose for a while now, ever since I saw a article about a local breeder in the D&G Facebook page. They are gorgeous, and as a knitter I would love to see what their wool would be like knitted up. Looking at them I could imagine that it’s very soft, but so far I haven’t come across any yet. ? Regards, Ruth

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