The Breed


The Valais Blacknose, also known as Walliser Schwarznasenschaf, and commonly referred to as “the cutest sheep in the world”, is a hardy breed of sheep originating from the mountains of the Valais region of Switzerland.

In their native country, they are highly prized, much-loved animals, that are often seen being walked on leads by their farmers around the villages in Valais – some are even allowed into restaurants….!



Thought to have existed since the 14th Century, the breed was officially recognised as a distinct breed in 1962. Both ewes and rams are horned and reach typical weights of 70 – 90kg and 80 – 130kg respectively.

A rare breed in their own country, and only a few thousand in the world, a few flocks have been imported into the UK since 2014, a practice that has now been stopped due to insufficient numbers to cope with demand. This means that the numbers here in the UK must mostly grow organically from the few hundred already here.

Valais Blacknose sheep are a naturally docile, friendly breed of sheep, unlike many other breeds, making them such perfect pets. They love a cuddle and can even be easily lead-trained – see Maud one of our lamb’s first time on a lead here! Their unique appearance, lovely nature, together with their rarity, makes them quite a conversation piece for people wanting something unusual to keep the grass in their paddocks down!